The applicant

Sindikat željezničara Hrvatske – SŽH was established in 1996. At the national level, SŽH is one of the branch Unions of Nezavisni hrvatski sindikati (Independent Trade Unions of Croatia – NHS) and is a member of the European Transport Workers Federation and International Transport Workers Federation. SŽH acts on protecting the economic and social rights and interests of its members and fully adheres to the principles of the free trade union movement and the principles of the International Labor Organization. SŽH consists of 2000 members of Croatian Railway (HŽ) and in so-called daughter companies’ ltd. Headquarter of SŽH is located in Zagreb, but also there are 25 regional offices in Croatia, which represent railway workers in all Croatian counties.


HŽ Infrastruktura d.o.o. is engaged in managing, maintenance and building of railroad infrastructure as its basic activities. HŽ Infrastruktura d.o.o. as a beneficiary of grants through pre-accession instruments (ISPA and IPA) has obtained valuable experience and knowledge for the implementation of projects financed from pre-accession funds. The same is continued through Financial Framework 2007 – 2013 and EU-funded projects financed within the Financial Framework 2014 – 2020. The required institutional and administrative capacity for preparation and implementation of projects co-financed from EU funds is ensured through the Sector for development, preparation and implementation of investment and EU funds. HŽ Infrastruktura d.o.o. as a company will play a pivotal role in the project.