The main purpose of DeWoTed is to improve prospects for fair and decent working conditions in the railway sector in Croatia by:
  • Making a framework for better access to decent working arrangements in the railway sector piloted in HŽ Infrastruktura ltd.
  • Improving skills and competencies of social partners and professionals on social dialogue for decent working arrangements
  • Raising awareness of employees, employers, professionals, and decision-makers on benefits of decent work in the railway sector
Planned activities over a period of projects duration:
  1. Preparatory steering committee meeting to identify most relevant topics
  2. Four panel discussions with the regional and local level employees and regional committees
  3. Four trainings for social partners and professionals in Zagreb
  4. Four regional workshops for representatives and members of partner organizations in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, and Osijek
  5. Book of best practices
  6. Follow up conference
  7. Social media campaign

Enhanced implementation of the decent work agenda (fair and decent working conditions)